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An Insight Meditation Retreat
with Shaila Catherine

April 9-16, 2020
A weeklong retreat with Shaila Catherine.

This silent retreat offers practical instruction in mindfulness, concentration, and insight meditation practice (vipassana). Through developing mindfulness of breath, body, feelings, and mind, meditators will find that habitual judgments, fear, and craving will fall away, and the natural spaciousness of a mind imbued with wisdom and joy will be revealed. By cultivating calm, balanced awareness, we can dissolve any suffering that may entangle our hearts, and discover our freedom in the midst of things.

Instructions in sitting and walking meditation, consultations with the teacher, and daily dharma teachings make this retreat suitable for both new and experienced practitioners.

Big Bear Retreat Center is nestled in the Juniper Woodlands 2.5 hours north-east of Los Angeles, CA. Situated at 7,000 feet elevation and surrounded by conservation lands, this center offers a tranquil environment, and comfortable accommodations—perfect for meditation practice.

For more information and registration details visit https://insightla.org/event/insight-meditation-retreat/2020-04-09-14-00/.

This retreat is sponsored by InsightLA.