2017 Yearend Fundraising Appeal

//2017 Yearend Fundraising Appeal
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Autumn, 2017

Before giving, one is glad; while giving, the mind is bright and clear; after giving, one is gratified.
—Anguttara Nikaya

Dear Friend,

Each year at this time we ask you to think of the meditations, classes, and teachings you have participated in at Insight Meditation South Bay. How have they affected your life and the lives of others you know? Here are some descriptions from members who attend our weekly sitting group:

“Once I walk through the door I forget the traffic and the rush of getting there. By the time I find a seat other people are already meditating and I settle into that sweet mixture of calmness and animation that I have come to cherish as I connect with old friends, greet newcomers, and then we all meditate together in silence.”

“Settling into the meditation posture I lose some of the day’s tensions and feel more relaxed and focused. There is an atmosphere of ease and purpose at IMSB. I love the teacher’s brief instructions that guide my mind to settle down; as she speaks I feel the whole room become calm. I am so grateful for the chance to meditate with others who are also seeking to understand their minds and live sanely amidst the stress and craziness of daily pressures.”

“I’m always surprised at how great I feel after the meditation group. The person getting into my car for the drive home seems different from the one who got out of it only a short time earlier—calmer and more energized, more balanced and clear-minded, refreshed!”

“The Dharma Talks are always inspiring and relevant to my life—the teachers present the ancient wisdom of the Buddha in ways that directly relate to things that are happening right now in my life and practice.”

Weekly meditation with the Buddha’s teachings is but one benefit IMSB provides to all who wish to live more wisely. We also offer day-long programs, retreats, study groups, and classes. Each program benefits from the efforts of the volunteers and teachers who plan, organize, and lead the events. The generous support of participants and friends catalyzes the precious gifts of wisdom from our teachers into a dynamic program.

In this year-end appeal, we ask that you kindly consider supporting IMSB. Your help is vital to ensure that these programs continue.

In the Buddha’s words:

The Dharma is directly visible, immediate, inviting one to come and see, worthy of application, to be personally experienced by the wise.
—Anguttara Nikaya 6:10


Jeff Delisio
IMSB President
Ed Haertel
IMSB Treasurer
Shaila Catherine
Principal Teacher



  • Respond directly to this fundraising appeal by mailing a check to
    Insight Meditation South Bay
    PO Box 490
    Menlo Park, CA 94026
  • Make a contribution through our website.
  • Pledge a recurring donation. Monthly or quarterly recurring gifts help provide a stable stream of revenue throughout the year and enable us to develop a realistic budget for our activities. Recurring donations can be set up through online banking or the donation options on the IMSB website.
  • Leave a legacy to IMSB in your will. Including IMSB in your estate planning is a great way to offer a valuable gift. As a nonprofit incorporated as a church, IMSB can accept gifts of cash, stocks, and real estate properties. In particular, given the high cost of both commercial and residential real estate in the Bay Area, a legacy gift of a residential house or condominium that could serve as a teacher’s residence, or a commercial property that could serve as a meditation center, would quite literally provide the ground to sustain our work for generations into the future.

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