2016 Yearend Fundraising Appeal

//2016 Yearend Fundraising Appeal
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Autumn, 2016

Dear Friend,

With this letter I have the privilege of introducing myself to you as Insight Meditation South Bay’s new president, and requesting your support for our annual fundraising appeal.

I first received dharma teachings and meditation guidance in 1970, having traveled overland to the Tibetan settlement of the Dalai Lama in Northern India. Fast forward to the present day when I recently discovered, to my great delight, that these precious teachings are available just two miles from my home in Mountain View, CA.

Supported by the Insight Meditation South Bay community and its broad array of programs, my practice has deepened tremendously. I now notice the benefits of meditation on a daily basis, with an increase of compassion and calmness, and a greater ability to deal with the changing demands in my home and work life. Perhaps you also have experienced the benefits of meditation, tasted a sweet moment of tranquility, and appreciate the wisdom of Buddha’s teachings as a guide in your life.

For over ten years Insight Meditation South Bay has provided a refuge to all by keeping these teachings and practices alive and helping members integrate traditional practices into the busy lives that we live.

In this year alone, with our expansion into Saratoga–San Jose, we have offered, organized, or cosponsored

  • weekly teachings and meditation on Tuesday and Thursday evenings,
  • broad lineups of guest speakers and lecture series,
  • daylong meditation programs every month,
  • in-depth sutta study courses—both in person and online,
  • residential retreats in the United States and abroad, and
  • online classes enabling IMSB to reach a wider audience.

Please visit our website at imsb.org to find out more about these programs and join us in one or more of these events.

IMSB is fortunate to have a devoted group of volunteers, guest teachers, and lecturers who actively support the vision and work of our principal teacher, Shaila Catherine. Her wisdom, care, and guidance continue to sustain our organization and enable us to offer a wide array of dharma programs. With Shaila’s extensive knowledge of the Buddha’s teachings, in-depth retreat experience, and clarity of expression, we have developed bold and engaging programs that introduce newcomers to meditation and sustain the interest of seasoned practitioners.

Insight Meditation South Bay is able to do this work because of the continued generosity of sangha members like you. Dana (generosity) is the cornerstone of our practice, and it sustains all of our programs and activities.

Your generosity and loving-kindness will allow IMSB to continue to bring these transformational teachings to all who seek to develop mindfulness, virtue, concentration, insight, and deepen their meditation practice.

Whether you are new to IMSB, or have been with us since IMSB formed ten years ago, I invite you to join with me and our members and friends in contributing to our annual fundraising appeal and help sustain our programs, our teachers, and our dharma services in the coming year.

We welcome support in a variety of forms:

  • Respond directly to this fundraising appeal by mailing a check to
    Insight Meditation South Bay
    PO Box 490
    Menlo Park, CA 94026
  • Or by making a contribution through our website.
  • Pledge a recurring donation. Monthly or quarterly recurring gifts help provide a stable stream of revenue throughout the year and enable us to develop a realistic budget for our activities. Recurring donations can be set up through online banking or the donation options on the IMSB website.
  • Leave a legacy to IMSB in your will. Including IMSB in your estate planning is a great way to offer a valuable gift. As a nonprofit incorporated as a church, IMSB can accept gifts of cash, stocks, and real estate properties. In particular, given the high cost of both commercial and residential real estate in the Bay Area, a legacy gift of a residential house or condominium that could serve as a teacher’s residence, or a commercial property that could serve as a meditation center, would quite literally provide the ground to sustain our work for generations into the future.

With warmth and gratitude,

Jeff Delisio
IMSB Board President

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