Project Description

Stephen Fulder was born in 1946 in London, was closely involved in the 1960’s culture, studied at Oxford University earning a Ph.D in medical research, and published 14 books in the field of complementary medicine. Stephen practiced mostly within the Theravada Buddhist framework since 1976 together with long-term inspiration from Dzogchen and Advaita teachings. He has taught intensively for 25 years, mostly in Israel, at least 15 retreats a year, plus annual courses and classes, as well as guiding the Israeli dharma teachers and instructors. He is the founder and senior teacher of the Israel Insight Society which currently teaches around 2000 practitioners annually in 45 retreats and offers courses throughout the country, and runs national programs of practice in the prisons, home visits to cancer patients, and peace-making activities.

Stephen’s latest dharma book will be published in the US in January 2019. The book, ‘What’s Beyond Mindfulness: Waking Up to This Precious Life’ is a deep exploration of the way the practical teachings of the dharma can help us deeply with ordinary daily life situations and yet take us all the way to awakening. It was 18 weeks the number 1 bestseller in the category of instructional books in Israel.