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Insight Meditation South Bay offers a range of programs and events to support your practice. Most events include at least a brief meditation period and either a Dharma talk or some other talk relevant to a spiritual practice. Some retreats integrate other practices such as Yoga, Tai Chi or Feldenkrais. Events are also listed in the IMSB calendar. For questions visit Frequently Asked Questions.

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The Metta Sutta
May all beings be happy and secure!
May their hearts be wholesome!
Whatever living beings there may be:
Weak or strong, tall or middling,
short or large, without exception;
seen or unseen, dwelling far or near,
Already born or yet to be born,
May all beings be happy!
One should cultivate an unlimited loving mind
without obstruction, anger or opposition
to the whole world
above, below and across.
-- Sutta Nipata 143-151

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