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"Desire is a maker of measurement,
Hate is a maker of measurement,
And delusion is a maker of measurement.
The freedom of mind that is unshakable is empty of measurement."
-- Majjhima Nikaya 43.35

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Volunteering at IMSB

Insight Meditation South Bay depends on the efforts of members for all aspects of IMSB as an organization and a spiritual community. Whether you have skills, desire or just want to investigate generosity of your time, we welcome you to sign up now.


Insight Meditation South Bay has locations in both Mountain View and Los Altos, California. These facilities are used for the weekly meditation and Dhamma talk, selected Day-Long and Half-Day Programs, and special events.

St. Timothy's Episcopal Church
Edwards Hall
2094 Grant Rd.
Mountain View, CA

Foothills Congregational Church
461 Orange Avenue
Los Altos, CA 94022

IMSB also uses a facility in the Campbell area for study groups and periodic workshops.

Age Defy Dermatology & Wellness
3803 S. Bascom Ave.
Suite 200
Campbell, CA

Contacting IMSB by Post

To contact individuals by post, send letters to:

Insight Meditation South Bay
PO Box 490
Menlo Park, CA 94026

Contacting Shaila Catherine

So that Shaila can keep her email queue to a manageable size, she is not providing her email address here. If it is important to contact Shaila, please do so through a contact person listed for the various activities. You'll also be able to ask questions and hold discussions with Shaila at any of her talks and retreats.

Other contacts at IMSB

InformationFor general information about Insight Meditation South Bay, please send email to