Photo Credits
"The doors to the deathless are open."
-- Digha Nikaya 18.27

Pictures used in the IMSB web site are graciously provided by these artists. Clicking one of the images below will display the full-size original photo.


AliseMarie was introduced to Buddhist meditation in 1988 in France, where she attended Thich Nhat Hanh's Summer Meditation Retreat. She had purchased a one-way ticket to Paris, strongly knowing that she was an artist but not knowing her medium. Stranded in the beautiful countryside after hearing the teachings of Thich Nhat Hanh for ten days, in the predawn light, she realized a sweet inner peace and discovered her passion for spacious architectural and landscape photography. Today she continues to develop her personal meditation practice, attended retreats as often as possible, and has practiced with IMSB since its inception in 2006.

Debbie Hudson and Barbara Stone of Hudstone Images

Debbie and Barbara have been taking pictures for over 20 years. Their work can be found at East West Bookshop in Mountain View, Shady Lane in Palo Alto, Great American Framing Company in Palo Alto, Gateways Books in Santa Cruz, and Bodhi Tree Books in West Hollywood. Barbara was introduced to meditation through a mindfulness-based stress-reduction course that she attended in 2003 and immediately knew she had found her path. Barbara provided the designs for the IMSB postcards and brochures and is available to support your graphic design needs. You can contact Barbara at

You can find Debbie and Barbara's photography at Hudstone Images.

Greg Macdonald

As a software engineer and the IMSB web master, Greg spends much of his time in front of a computer, but shares these photos to prove that he sometimes ventures out into the real world, and occasionally even wanders outside California.

Janet Taylor

Janet is a technical writer with a degree in sculpture. She's been practicing meditation since early 2006.

Jennifer Miller

Jennifer is involved in early childhood education and is currently working toward a degree in psychology.

Michael Wilding

Michael is an artist and musician with a current passion for sculpture. His work shows at Mayans Gallery in Sante Fe, New Mexico. Michael has been practicing meditation since 1999 and lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Michael is currently working on his website, which you can find at Wilding Sculpture