IMSB Overview

Insight Meditation South Bay (IMSB) offers mindfulness-based meditation practices to awaken heart and mind, and to support the development of ethical living (sila), meditation (samadhi), and wisdom (panna). We teach skills for developing mindfulness, loving-kindness and compassion, concentration, practical daily life wisdom, and the deep meditative absorptions called jhanas.

"There are many kinds of suffering in this world and all of them grow from the same source-----grasping. When a man knows no better he gives way to this grasping and, slowed and dulled, he goes through one misery after another. So do not create it for yourselves----use your knowledge to see how suffering develops in attachment."
-- Sutta Nipata (#728) p.84-85

IMSB is a religious non-profit corporation, dedicated to the liberating teachings of the Buddha. Shaila Catherine founded IMSB in January 2006 to support meditation practice in the Silicon Valley and South Bay area of California.

   Listen to Shaila Catherine (founder) and Ed Haertel (treasurer) share the vision for developing IMSB as a center for mindfulness, peace, and awakening. This 11 minute talk was presented to the IMSB community on October 27, 2012.

IMSB and our teachers are dedicated to the Buddhist practice of Dana and generosity. Our activities rely upon the generosity of our community in gift or effort.

The Practice

The heart of Insight Meditation, also known as Vipassana, is the clarity of awakening. We use mindfulness-based meditative approaches for spiritual awakening and require no adherence to religious dogma. Freedom is the essence of this meditation training. Attachment is the problem that meditation is designed to solve. Wisdom, peace and calm awareness pervade the silence of formal meditation and also the business of active daily life. We train our minds through meditation and contemplation and apply that clarity to our complex daily interactions where we rest in profound happiness, or extract the seeds of suffering.

Program Summary

IMSB's ongoing programs include a weekly meditation group Tuesday evenings in Mountain View, a beginner's orientation the first Tuesday of each month at 6:30, and a Day-Long Retreat each month. We offer a monthly Study Course on the Discourses of the Buddha, periodic individual consultations with Shaila Catherine, and residential and non-residential meditation retreats. Please follow the links for more information about our ongoing programs and the many special events that IMSB offers. For questions visit Frequently Asked Questions.

Everyone is Welcome

Insight Meditation South Bay welcomes newcomers, beginning meditators, and seasoned practitioners. We value the presence of new and old friends.