Today I attended the annual luncheon benefit of One World Children's Fund. It was an inspired gathering of 400 people who care about the welfare of the disadvantaged children of the world enough to do something about it. Together we support small schools, orphanages, and projects around the world that protect and educate poor children [...]

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Noticing Judging as a State of Hatred

Although the refinement of attention may not be as acute in daily life as it is during retreat, you can still resolve to clear your mind of obstructive states and refuse to fuel the reproduction of unwholesome states. For example, when you become aware that your mind is entertaining a stream of judging thoughts mindfully [...]

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Daily Life Insight While Bathing

After speaking about the subtle Buddhist practices in which a meditator discerns, analyzes, and contemplates the ultimate realities of phenomena, a student asked me how she could apply the teaching during daily life practice. Although it can be challenging to consistently see the subtleties of mind and matter during active daily life, you can certainly [...]

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Feeling the breath today

Meditation teachers often speak about the breath, encouraging students of anapanasati samadhi to carefully observe the breath with a continuity of mindful attention. How closely are you observing your breath as you eat breakfast, walk down the stairs, drive your car, and also when you meditate? I enjoy highlighting mindfulness of the breath once in [...]

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Observing self constructions in speech

Speech events are a marvelous opportunities to observe the constructions of self. Notice the subtle motivations behind your speech today. When is the primary communication merely your own existence? Sometimes what is said is not very important; what we are really saying is, "notice me, I'm here, I'm special, I am like this, I am." [...]

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