We offer a number of online learning opportunities to nurture the practice of friends near and far.

Online Classroom by Bodhi Courses

Bodhi Courses offers an online classroom environment with Shaila Catherine. Most courses include audio and video lectures, sutta readings, discussion forums, and reflective assignments. Course topics include:

  • The Beautiful Mind: The Five Spiritual Faculties
  • Overcoming Obstacles to Concentration
  • Focused and Fearless: Cultivating Deep Concentration and Happiness
  • Self, Not-self, The Construction of Identity and the Five Aggregates of Clinging
  • The Five Jhana Factors
  • The Liberating Practice of Metta: A course of study and practice
  • Satipatthana: Mindfulness of body, feelings, mind, and dhamma
  • Timeless Wisdom: A Sutta Study Course organized around Buddhist Similes and Stories

Visit Bodhi Courses for information and class schedules.

Online Sutta Study

For more than a decade, IMSB offered both in-person and online Sutta Study groups. The classes opened for new registrations each year, and then ran as 9 or 10-month courses. After 14 years of monthly sutta study, we read through the full collections of the Middle Length Discourses, Long Discourses, Numerical Discourses, Connected Discourses, Udana, Sutta Nipata, Itivuttaka, and a few anthologies of suttas. Currently we have paused the IMSB sutta study program, but most Bodhi Courses include sutta study, and the Timeless Wisdom Bodhi Courses series is specifically designed as a series of sutta study courses.

Click here for information about IMSB’s sutta study program.

Download Dhamma Talks

Talks recorded at IMSB events are available for free download through the IMSB portal of DharmaSeed.