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Board of Directors

The IMSB Board includes a dedicated group of practitioners who are committed to the support of our community.

President, Jeff DeLisio 
I have been a student of Buddhism for some time, and with many traditions and teachers, but rarely have the teachings appeared so clear and concise, so readily put into practice, as those I have received from Shaila Catherine at IMSB. Finding this teacher and this sangha in the heart of Silicon Valley has been a gift.  The gentle, but strong and genuine support of the people who have come together here provide an ideal environment for cultivating wisdom and kindness. I have served on our building committee to help find IMSB a home of our own, in order to facilitate the offering of more programs and teachings as well as opportunities for practice. It has simply been a joy to be involved with IMSB and one that I hope others will share in as well.
Treasurer, Ed Haertel
Ed has maintained a daily meditation practice for over 20 years, and attends retreats with Shaila whenever he can. He has been active in IMSB since its beginning in 2006, and has served as IMSB’s treasurer since 2008. He also co-hosts the IMSB sutta study course in his home. Prior to his retirement in 2012, Ed was a professor in the School of Education at Stanford University, in the field of educational testing and assessment.
Secretary, Brenda Fox
I was introduced to meditation while at University in the 70’s. I have had a consistent practice since that time and a strong commitment to personal growth. My practice has supported me during a long career in information technology, professional services and high tech start-ups. I retired from that field in 2012 and I am now working with a group of global researchers studying complexity, resilience and x-events. My area of interest is personal resiliency. I met Shaila in 2010 and have been attending IMSB and assisting with special projects. The practice of mindfulness has helped me be a more aware and compassionate person in many domains of my life.
Principal Teacher, Shaila Catherine
I love the dhamma of awakening and am honored to be able to share the liberating teachings of the Buddha with people who are moved to explore their own minds. IMSB is a community built on trust and nurtured by volunteer efforts. In addition to serving as founder, principal teacher, board member, and programs coordinator, I frequently work with volunteers on myriad IMSB projects, enjoying the generosity and engagement of our community. You can read more about my work on the Principal Teacher page.

Board Member, Doug Slakey
I’ve been practicing meditation since 1996. I met Shaila at a metta program in 2000 and was so impressed by her manner of teaching. Over the years, I have attended many retreats that Shaila has offered and have been an active participant in weekend intensives and Sutta study classes.

My first IMSB volunteer assignment was developing and maintaining the email list put together when our sangha was started. I guess that went okay as I eventually became board president in 2011 and served in that post until 2016. I find that I receive so many benefits from IMSB and Shaila’s teachings; it has truly been a life altering relationship. I enjoy expressing my appreciation through support and service to ensure the longevity and well-being of the dhamma.


Volunteer Leadership

IMSB is supported by a wonderful group of volunteers who coordinate all our events and provide support for programs, website, mailings, newsletter, and administration.

To get involved, fill out our volunteer sign up form or email the volunteering contact at the address given on our contacts page.

Sharon Allen, Thursday’s Program Director, and Beginner’s Orientation Coordinator
Like any non-profit organization, all Buddhist centers require the active participation of volunteers to make it function.  Because I understand the importance of volunteers to help an organization continue, I am pleased to hold several small volunteer positions for IMSB.  Currently I am one of several volunteers who serve as a greeter and as an announcer for the weekly meditation and dhamma talks. I coordinate and schedule the teachers who lead the monthly orientation for people new to IMSB.  Volunteering is a wonderful way to get to know other sangha members better.  To me, volunteering feels like an act of kindness for those who count on what IMSB has to offer.
Katrina Bergbauer, Co-Retreat Registrar
I first became acquainted with IMSB at a retreat at the Quaker Center in 2011.  I was thoroughly taken with that experience and especially the kindness of the other people I met.  I remember thinking how nice it might be to be involved with IMSB as a volunteer. I’m so very grateful to IMSB for supporting my practice in so many ways, and volunteering gives me a chance to express my thanks.
Dianne Dec, Communications Volunteer
Dianne commutes from Mountain View to San Francisco for her job as COO/CFO at Hosfelt Gallery. Dianne began her meditation practice in 2012 when she started attending IMSB’s Tuesday evening sittings. As a communications volunteer, she generally oversees IMSB’s social media presence on Twitter, Facebook and MeetUp. Although a relative beginner to meditation, Dianne is deeply grateful for the support of the sangha, the transformative teachings of Shaila Catherine, and the profound blessings of the practice of meditation.


Ann Dillon, Distance Learning Developer
It is not by chance that Ann came to a service role with Insight Meditation South Bay. Living in Florida, yet wishing for more consistent contact with Shaila and for access to dhamma teachings and study groups already available to the local IMSB sangha, Ann became an advocate for distance learning opportunities. In 2014, Ann helped co-create Bodhi Courses, which is dedicated to making the profound teachings of the Buddha available in a global classroom, without geographical boundaries or limits of time zones.

Ann also assists Shaila in teaching IMSB concentration retreats. She lives with her family in Gainesville, FL, where she teaches yoga and works as a pedagogical consultant to higher education distance learning programs.


Rebecca L. Edwards, Building Development Team Leader
After one overwhelming week in 2012, I realized that I needed something to help me become more centered and calm within myself, because the way I was functioning wasn’t working. I wanted to learn to become like an un-flickering candle flame even when the worst was before me.

So I started coming on Tuesday nights to IMSB, and it began to feel like home. I looked forward to each Tuesday, and then I heard about the vision statement for IMSB and Shaila’s plan to grow our Sangha. This inspired me to want to get involved so that I could help ensure that these teachings stayed available to me and for all. I am now the Chairperson of the Building Fund Committee, working to secure a new home for IMSB.

Laura Lin, Audio Collection Manager
As an IMSB volunteer, I edit the audio recordings of Shaila’s talks and guest teachers who speak at IMSB, and upload the audio files to the IMSB portal of DharmaSeed. I am really fortunate to have found such a wonderful Dharma teacher in Shaila. She has the incredible ability and insight to make ancient teachings of the Buddha relevant to my daily life today. She always brings the teachings back to the end of suffering and liberation. So, what can be better than to listen to her Dharma talks at least twice–once live and once while I am editing! May other seekers of truth and liberation also find her teachings instructive and inspirational.
Janet Taylor, Co-Retreat Registrar
I work as a technical writer and editor for a large corporation. I started attending IMSB in early 2006 after a weekend residential retreat at which Shaila introduced me to mindfulness. Since then I have been deeply devoted to the dhamma. I started volunteering at IMSB during my first year of attendance and have been involved in many volunteer activities, including serving as the IMSB retreat registrar from 2009 to 2014. I volunteer because it seems the natural thing to do for an organization whose purpose is to support my spiritual journey. Volunteering is a way to express gratitude for the teachings and ensure continued access to Shaila and the in-depth dhamma study and retreat opportunities that IMSB has to offer.
Lori Topley, Facility Team Manager
Lori began practicing at IMSB in 2010, pursuing an interest in learning more about meditation practices after attending several Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction classes. She appreciates the benefit of having IMSB nearby to where she lives and works, enabling her to regularly attend Tuesday night group meditation. To help ensure IMSB continues to be available to all who want to attend, Lori volunteers as the Facility Lead, coordinating the room setup functions for regular and special events.

Cherished Volunteers

More than thirty active volunteers contribute the time, talents, and efforts that produce our programs and accomplish myriad administrative tasks. Special thanks to our cherished volunteers!

Join Us!

To get involved, fill out our volunteer sign up form or email the volunteering contact at the address given on our contacts page.