Concentration, Jhana, and Breath – Two 10-night Retreats in Southern California

Big Bear Retreat Center 1000 Sugarpine Road, Big Bear City

In-depth meditation with sixteen steps of anapanasati samadhi led by Shaila Catherine Full Retreat: August 10-31, 2021 Part One: August 10-20, 2021 Part Two: August 21-31, 2021 Location: Big Bear Retreat Center, Southern California NOTE: Vaccination against COVID-19 is required to attend this retreat.  These two back to back 10-day retreats will provide the opportunity to [...]

Register Now for an ONLINE weekend retreat – Deepening Concentration


Register for an ONLINE at-home weekend retreat with Shaila Catherine Deepening Concentration September 17-19, 2021 We will meet via Zoom. Information and registration details are on our Events Page. Registration ends by September 14.  

Register now for a sutta study course — online and in-person options — Timeless Wisdom — Reflecting on Similes


Timeless Wisdom: Exploring the Buddha's Teachings Through Similes and Stories Join Shaila Catherine for a fun and beautiful approach to dhamma study. This sutta study course uses the abundant images, examples, and similes from the discourses to illuminate the Buddha's teachings. It is designed primarily as an online  course, but local participants (who are vaccinated [...]