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Insights into Emptiness: Meditations on the Six Senses

A 10-day meditation retreat with Shaila Catherine

November 7 – 17, 2024
at Calvin Center, 13550 Woolsey Road, Hampton, GA 30228
(near Atlanta, GA)

The retreat begins with registration from 2:30 – 4:00 pm on Nov 7. The retreat ends around noon, before lunch on November 17.

Partial attendance may be possible, but it must begin on the first day of the retreat and priority will be given to those registering for the full retreat.

This retreat will develop insight meditation practices using the structure of the six sense bases.

We will cultivate mindfulness of sensory experience, and contemplate the impermanence, unsatisfactoriness, and not-self characteristics in contact with seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, touching, and mental activities. By clearly seeing the emptiness of lived phenomena, habitual patterns fall away, the causes of suffering cease, and there can be a genuine awakening—a realization of nibbana.

This silent retreat is structured with alternating periods of sitting and walking meditation, dhamma teachings, and teacher consultations. It is intended for meditators who are already familiar with mindfulness based practice, and have previously attended at least one week long silent residential insight meditation retreat.

SITE FEATURES: This retreat will be held at the Calvin Center in Georgia. It is a lovely and quiet retreat center in the country side that boasts a small lake and opportunities for canoeing when weather permits. It is conveniently situated about 45-minutes from Atlanta’s airport. You will enjoy the benefits of natural beauty, a spacious meditation hall, comfortable accommodations, delicious meals, access to walking trails, and the chance for mindful canoeing.

COVID PRECAUTIONS: Please read our page on COVID Measures and Compliance Requirements. This will explain  the measures we are taking to prevent the spread of illness, and the actions that will be required of retreat participants.

Register now! Space is limited.

Participants who are traveling from afar might need to check flight times carefully, and if necessary arrange to stay in a hotel the night before the retreat. Early-arrival accommodations are not available at this retreat center, and we must depart shortly after noon on the closing day.

TO REGISTER: Please use the online form at the link below to submit your registration and waiver forms.

This form will take approximately 20 minutes to fill out. Upon completion of the form you will receive an email with details for completing your payment. You have the option of paying the non-refundable deposit of $250 or the full retreat payment either by mailing a check to the registrar or by making a Zelle bank transfer. The address and account information for making this payment will be included in the registration confirmation email.

Details of our cancellation policy are on the registration form.

The retreat facility is somewhat handicapped accessible. Accommodations include comfortable hotel-style rooms with ensuite baths, and dorm-style cabins and lodges. See the application form for accommodation details.

COST: 10 nights (includes accommodation and meals), plus a donation to the teachers at the end of retreat.

  • Full retreat for single occupancy: 10 nights is $3,000 – $2,200 sliding scale (estimated actual cost for single is $2500)
  • Double occupancy sliding scale: $2500 – $1900 (estimated actual cost for double occupancy is $2200)

Fee covers only accommodations, food, and basic administrative expenses. There will be an opportunity at the end of the retreat to make a donation to the teacher.

The estimated actual per-person cost if we had used a fixed rate is $2500 for a single room, and  $2200 for a shared room. By selecting an amount above the estimated actual cost, your generosity supports those who need to select a lower rate to attend the retreat. Selecting an amount below the estimated actual cost is equivalent to receiving a partial scholarship.

The sliding scale will allow most scholarship needs to be self-managed. If you need additional scholarship support to attend, consider applying for a scholarship through, or contact our registrar for assistance through IMSB/Bodhi-Retreats.

PARTIAL ATTENDANCE may be arranged for a stay of at least 3 nights, but must begin on the first day of retreat, and priority is given to full retreat participants. We strongly encourage attendance at the full retreat. Applicants for partial attendance will be placed on a wait list which will be reviewed approximately 2 months prior to the retreat. We cannot guarantee single rooms for partial attendees. You may contact the registrar to determine if single rooms for partial attendance are available approximately two months prior to the retreat.

The rates for partial attendance below are listed as single occupancy. The mid-point on each sliding scale is our estimated actual cost. Take 18% off any point on the sliding scale for double accommodations.

  • 3 nights is $1100 – $900 sliding scale
  • 4 nights is $1,300 – $1100 sliding scale
  • 5 nights is $1,600 – $1300 sliding scale
  • 6 nights is $1,900 – $1500 sliding scale
  • 7-9 nights is same as full retreat: single $3000 – $2200 sliding scale

DANA: Compensation for the teacher is not included in the registration price. There will be an opportunity to offer donations to the teacher at the end of the retreat.

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Co-Sponsored by Bodhi Retreats and Insight Meditation South Bay

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