Tuesday Online—Shaila Catherine


Tuesday Online—Shaila Catherine an evening of meditation and teaching with Shaila Catherine August 24, 2021 Please join us on Zoom. This event is appropriate for newcomers as well as experienced practitioners. The evening includes silent or guided meditation and teachings. Takes place on Zoom! Join the Zoom Meeting We now require you enter the Zoom [...]

ONLINE RETREAT: Deepening Concentration


Deepening Concentration With Shaila Catherine An At-home Online Retreat Registration is required. Scroll down to choose a ticket level. Registration will close about 3 days prior to the retreat, so don't wait to the last minute! This at-home online retreat will encourage the deepening of concentration through a relaxed and skilled development of mindfulness with [...]

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Register now for a sutta study course — online and in-person options — Timeless Wisdom — Reflecting on Similes


Timeless Wisdom: Exploring the Buddha's Teachings Through Similes and Stories Join Shaila Catherine for a fun and beautiful approach to dhamma study. This sutta study course uses the abundant images, examples, and similes from the discourses to illuminate the Buddha's teachings. It is designed primarily as an online  course, but local participants (who are vaccinated [...]