Non-residential Weekend Retreat – San Luis Obispo, CA

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Two days of meditation near the coast with Shaila Catherine

Participants may join for Saturday and/or Sunday.

Saturday’s Theme:
Meditative Investigation
Although meditation is renowned for promoting tranquility and mental calmness, meditation is not passive. Investigative methods play a vital role in the skillful development of liberating insight. The core teachings of Satipaṭṭhāna include specific instructions for examining the quality of mind and causality. This daylong program will emphasize the development of the awakening factor of investigative discrimination, explore the fourth establishment of mindfulness (satipaṭṭhāna) with an emphasis on meditative investigation. We will examine the quality of our minds in order to understand how we might meet life’s experiences free from suffering.

Sunday’s Theme:
Investigating the Nature of Mind

We live with an active and functioning minds. But people rarely take the time to look beyond the content and stories that occupy mental activity, and instead examine the basic nature of their own minds, which is free from the distorting perceptions of self. This program will encourage an inquiring attitude to explore subjectivity, to observe the formation of self-concepts, and to distinguish between the thinking activity of mind, and the empty nature of mind. We will use sitting and walking meditation practices to cultivate unbiased observation of mind-body processes. We will employ contemplative questions to pursue subtle inquires that may bewilder the analytical mind. We will consistently practice letting go of all assumptions. We will deconstruct assumptions of self, and intentionally dwell recognizing space and emptiness in our meditation. The teachings will point to our potential for the complete release of attachments and suffering, while giving careful attention to the ordinary and immediate functioning of present moment sensory experience.

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