Online – Obstacles to Concentration: Registration March 1- April 27

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Overcoming Obstacles to Concentration

March 1 – April 27: Registration period
May 3 – July 27: Course includes 6 content modules in ten-day sections, plus welcome and wrap up modules.

Meditation practice cultivates inner peace, clarity, concentration and joy. In order to experience these lovely qualities, we must overcome the challenges of agitation, dullness, obsessive thinking, physical pain, difficult emotions, and reactivity. In this course we will identify, investigate, and learn to skillfully overcome obstacles to concentration and insight. Through inquiry into how the mind functions we will recognize the presence, absence, and causal conditions for hindrances, and transform habitual patterns that might obstruct wholesome states. Once the obstacles have been understood and overcome, the path to deep and stable states of concentration will be clear, and mindfulness of the processes of mind and body will be firmly established.

The course will include recorded lectures and guided meditations, reading assignments, sutta study, discussion forums, audio conferences with the teacher, and a library of resources. This course is suitable for all levels of experience.

Overcoming Obstacles to Concentration is the first in a series on cultivating concentration, and is a pre-requisite for participation in successive courses. Additional courses in this series will include Cultivating the Jhana Factors, Deepening Concentration, and Jhanas as the Basis for Insight.

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