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Liberating mind and heart: Practice and study of Loving-kindness

with Shaila Catherine.

Loving-kindness (mettā) is a profound quality of friendliness that leads to what is known as immeasurable liberation of mind. As a practice, mettā heals the heart, meets the pains of life with sensitivity, strengthens inner serenity to support concentration, and finally culminates in a liberating release of self-interest, sensual craving, and attachment. This program will include both study and practice components to explore the dynamic role that mettā plays on the liberating path. The study component will examine how mettā is presented in the early discourses of the Buddha, including how mettā can be used as a skillful way of meeting abuse; nurturing social harmony; overcoming anger, ill will, and aversion; cultivating concentration; nurturing joy; and ultimately supporting insight. The practice component will develop the heartfelt wish that all beings be happy and well, beginning with ourselves and gradually expanding the field of loving-kindness to embrace those we love and those we find difficult to love, until this caring radiates to all beings without exception.

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