IMSB’s current Speaker Series: Everyday Dhamma

On February 14, Ron Purser launched the new guest speaker series by exploring the four gateways of Samsara (I, me, mine, and mind).

On February 21, Lisa Dale Miller discussed how we can use the five precepts to navigate conflicts with others. She recommended openly acknowledging suffering, considering and respecting boundaries, speaking honestly and clearly, discerning the potential merits of goals, and looking for areas of agreement.

Join us for the next session in the Everyday Dhamma speaker series, March 7, when Kim Allen speaks about practicing with money! $$$

Upcoming speakers in this lecture series include:

  • March 7 — with Kim Allen — Money
  • March 14 — with Laura Lin — Happiness at the Workplace
  • March 21 — with Misha Merrill — Wisdom, Skill, and Virtue
  • March 28 — with Sean Feit Oakes — Trauma, Purification, and the Nervous System
  • April 4 — with Shaila Catherine — Dilemmas, Decisions, and Everyday Ethics

More details and information can be found on the events page.