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Energy, Effort, and Ease
An Insight Meditation retreat led by Shaila Catherine

December 27, 2018 to January 1, 2019

This insight retreat will emphasize skills for developing Right Effort to support mindfulness, concentration, and insight. By learning to use our energies wisely, we can set down the burden of competitive striving, infuse our activities with ease, cultivate balanced beautiful qualities, open to a fresh and free way of engaging with experience, and incline the mind toward profound peace.

The factor of effort is included in many of the most important Buddhist Lists including the Noble Eight-fold Path, the Seven Factors of Awakening, The Five Faculties, The Five Powers, and the Four Bases of Success. Morning instructions on this retreat will explore effort as described in the Sammappadhāna Samyutta, The Connected Discourses on Right Striving (SN 49.1). This brief teaching presents a flexible four-part approach to skillfully meeting situations, in life and in formal meditation practice.

This retreat is appropriate for both new and experienced practitioners. It will include group meditation instructions, dharma teachings, and either group or individual consultations with the teacher.

This residential meditation retreat will be held at the Margaret Austin Center in Texas. It is mid-way between Austin and Houston.

Registration will open approximately 6 weeks prior to the start of the retreat.

For details visit the Mariposa Sangha website at: https://mariposasangha.org/residential-retreats/

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