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Intention and the Power of Thought
with Shaila Catherine.

August 20 – 23, 2015

Intention is a powerful force underlying experiences of both suffering and joy. Our intentions affect decision-making, communications, relationship dynamics, psychological perspectives, meditative development, kammic tendencies, and our moment-to-moment encounter with life. Intention determines our actions; intention affects what we will become. The Buddha’s teachings offer practical instructions for working with thought, freeing the mind from patterns that perpetuate suffering, and cultivating intentions that will lead to deep happiness. In this weekend retreat, we will explore the practical and liberating teachings of the Buddha, learning to use thought skillfully, rather than be overwhelmed by opinions, judgments, or conditioned mental patterns. This insight meditation retreat is suitable for new and experienced practitioners.

All levels from beginners to advanced practitioners are welcome at this weekend retreat in Cadzand, in the Netherlands.

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