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Concentration and Jhana in the Buddha’s Teachings

A study course with Shaila Catherine

Jhana, Absorption, and Undistracted Attention

February 15-20, 2019

This program combines study and meditation to explore the essential role that concentration plays in the Buddha’s teachings. We will examine how the absorptive states of jhana are presented in the early discourses, and discuss the relevance of concentration and jhana training for contemporary practitioners. This program will include meditation instructions for enhancing mental clarity, increasing our capacity for focused attention, and revealing the profound joy and bliss of an undistracted mind. Students are requested to read Focused and Fearless by Shaila Catherine prior to attending this course.

For more information and registration details visit the Barre Center for Buddhist Studies website at: https://www.buddhistinquiry.org/course/jhana-absorption-and-undistracted-attention/.

Please note: This course at the Barre Center for Buddhist Studies will provide a theoretical understanding of how jhana is presented in the Pali Canon. Meditation practice will be incorporated into the program, however, it is not intended as an intensive jhana retreat. For an intensive jhana retreat with training in the experiential attainment of these concentration states, please consider attending the retreats titled Concentration, Jhana, and Breath. They are listed on the webpage of Retreats with Shaila. This study course at BCBS would ideally be either preparation before, or reflection after, attending an intensive jhana retreat.

Shaila will offer jhana retreats during 2019 in:

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