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November 3-10, 2019

A week-long retreat near St. Louis, Missouri

with Shaila Catherine and Philip Jones

Mindfulness Meditation and the Seven Factors of Awakening

This week-long retreat focuses on developingmindfulness meditation in conjunction with seven qualities that prepare the mind for awakening: mindfulness, investigation, energy, joy, tranquility, concentration, and equanimity. These Seven Awakening Factors mature with a bright, balanced, and peaceful mind that is imbued with deep concentration and ripe for insight. By cultivating these seven qualities meditators refine and balance their meditation practice, and progressively incline the mind toward awakening.

Each morning instruction will focus on developing practical skills in mindfulness meditation, and each evening teaching will highlight ways to develop the seven factors in the context of mindfulness practices. This retreat is appropriate for both new and experienced practitioners.

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