Stepping Back: A Day of Meditation with Sharon Allen

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A day of Mindfulness Meditation with Sharon Allen.

Stepping back – so often when we are on the edge of impulsively saying or doing something that we later regret, taking a step back, pausing or remembering what that action leads to can make the difference between perpetuating distress or increasing well-being. This is a discipline that can be learned through practice.

This mindfulness meditation day long will provide an environment, teachings, and support to strengthen our wisdom of the benefit of pausing and stepping back from the precipice of reactive habits, and, therefore, from guilt, shame and remorse.

There are three primary ways we can step back.

  • Pause and breathe before giving into reactive habit patterns
  • Use reflection and investigation as a tool for insight into how our actions either bring more distress or greater ease
  • Give the mind more spaciousness by letting go

This day long is open to everyone, but it is an ideal to reinforce the practices learned in the Mindfulness in the World six-week series that has been running on Thursday evenings this month.

There will be a pot-luck community meal around 12:30; please bring a food dish to share.

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IMSB offers a day of meditation one Saturday each month. These monthly day long programs offer a consistent and easy opportunity for meditators to maintain a steady commitment to meditation, deepen their practice, explore various dhamma themes, and cultivate relationships with the community—and still be home in time for dinner!

The day long programs are usually structured with alternating sitting and walking meditations, augmented by meditation instructions, reflections, and teachings. Shaila Catherine leads most of the day longs, complimented by periodic guest teachers or community events.

Everyone is welcome. There is no registration. Folding chairs are provided. Bring a mat and cushion if you prefer to sit on the floor. Beginner’s to meditation are encouraged to come on time since both sitting and walking meditation instruction are usually offered in the mornings.

These monthly events may take place at any of the churches where we meet—in Los Altos, Saratoga, or Mountain View. Be sure to double check the website event listing to determine the correct location.

IMSB relies upon the generosity of participants to support our teachers and cover organizational expenses. Dana is a word in the ancient Pali language that describes donations, offerings and generosity. Two bowls will be available at an event to practice dana for the teacher and IMSB; we encourage you to give joyfully and generously, according to your resources and means. IMSB is a 501(c) (3) organization. All donations are tax deductible as permitted by law.


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