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Mindfulness, Concentration, and Insight Meditation

with Shaila Catherine.

August 11 – 18, 2015

The teachings on this week long retreat are structured to support a range of meditative interests including mindfulness of body, investigation of mind, deep concentration, and insight contemplations. Guided by group or individual meetings with the teacher, students may work with a variety of meditative approaches, to progress in a manner and pace appropriate to their individual needs. A daily instruction session will introduce mindfulness with breathing as the initial concentration practice, and systematically develop the skills that lead to the deep absorption states of jhana. Dhamma talks will explore a range of subjects to support the growth of wisdom and insight. This silent retreat is structured with alternating periods of sitting and walking meditation, dhamma teachings, question and answer sessions, and teacher consultations.

Note: This weeklong retreat in Naarden, in the Netherlands is for experienced practitioners who have attended two or more previous silent retreats.

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