On January 29th IMSB enjoyed a very special presentation by Rex Naden on Landscape Photography that explored how his art of composition merges with a meditative perspective. Rex shared many examples of landscape compositions, both on-screen and printed, to illustrate how he carefully plans, executes and processes each shot. He described the art of discovering the shot, appreciating the scene, being present and aware in the midst of nature, and recognizing the transitory nature of each moment, experience, and image.

IMSB members were thrilled to see his work. His approach to landscape composition combines photographic skill, artistic sensitivity, and mindful engagement with nature to produce extraordinarily vivid, beautiful, and harmonious compositions in nature.

Rex conducts classes on photography and composition with a focus on landscapes, birds, and astrophotography. His latest book is titled “Yosemite: A Collection of Photographs.”

Visit RexNaden.com to view inspiring photographic images.