Most of us have some habits or tendencies that we would like to let go of, yet an inner craving or subtle feeling of need fuels the habits causing them to repeat until they appear entrenched in our lives. The habits may be related to eating, smoking, relationships, speech styles, sarcastic humor, entertainments, newspaper reading, internet use, obsession with work or unhealthy ways of interpreting or judging our perceptions . No doubt you have tried to make a change, and for some time may have succeeded.

Changing a habit may require careful scrutiny. Observe the specific thoughts that disempower you and thwart your ability to change the habit. Are there thoughts that justify the action, diminish its harm, or reframe the issue into something that seems more acceptable?

To explore habits you might want to down your thoughts. Consider if they are really true and what purpose they serve. Where are those thoughts leading you? Where is the habit leading you? And where do you want to be heading in your life? The thoughts may be sustaining a self-image that is simply unreal or inappropriate in the current conditions.

Rather than just renouncing unhealthy habits, unravel the delusion of self-image that maybe lurking underneath it.