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A Life Affirming Path

An author event with Janetti Marotta, celebrating the publication of her new book A Fertile Path: Guiding the Journey with Mindfulness and Compassion

When basic life expectations are challenged—to become pregnant when we want; to parent our child into adulthood; to live a long and healthy life—our personal narrative can become one of victimhood. We may ask: “Why is this happening to me?” or even question our very worth. In a desperate attempt to “right” what feels “wrong”, we can lose touch with our life as it really is.

If you look through the lens of mindfulness, however, your Buddha nature rises to the surface, and you recognize that you are already whole and complete, as you are, regardless of what happens to you. With the wisdom of awareness and the warmth of compassion, obstacles become challenges and crises become opportunities. From this perspective, life doesn’t happen to you, but for you.

Please join us for a discussion of these precious teachings as Janetti so eloquently presents them!

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