Old Endings – New Beginnings with Sharon Allen

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Old Endings – New Beginnings with Sharon Allen

As the end of the year draws near, we can use the last group practice night together as a way to intentionally let go of past events and experiences and open to the unknown that is yet to come. Through meditation, teachings from the suttas, and reflection, we set in place our intentions for the new year.

The Buddha gave us a lovely teaching on what to consider in this regard with Present Welfare, Future Welfare (AN 8:54). “There are, Byagghapajja, four things that lead to the welfare and happiness of a family man in this very life…..The accomplishment of persistent effort…..of protection, good friendship, and balanced living.” Let’s explore individually and collectively where this teaching takes us.

Insight Meditation South Bay meets every Tuesday evening for a sitting and Dhamma talk. The principal teacher is Shaila Catherine and unless otherwise indicated the Tuesday evening program will be lead by Shaila. Guest speakers are featured regularly. See also weekly sitting.

Everyone is welcome. Chairs are provided. Bring a cushion and mat if you prefer to sit on the floor.

IMSB relies upon the generosity of participants to support our teachers and cover organizational expenses. Dana  is a word in the ancient Pali language that describes donations, offerings and generosity. Two bowls will be available at an event to practice dana for the teacher and IMSB; we encourage you to give joyfully and generously, according to your resources and means. IMSB is a 501(c) (3) organization. All donations are tax deductible as permitted by law.

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