DayLong in Los Altos: Critical Reflection and the Kalama Sutta

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A day of meditation with Shaila Catherine.

Although meditation is renowned for promoting tranquility and mental calmness, meditation is not passive. Investigative methods play a vital role in the skillful development of liberating insight.

Today’s program will explore two famous discourses, the Kalama Sutta and the Salha Sutta. These teachings are often quoted to encourage critical assessment and reflection before determining the veracity of practices.

This day-long program will include sitting and walking meditation, instructions, teachings, and opportunities for individual meetings with the teacher. This practice day is appropriate for new and experienced meditators, drop-in participants, and dedicated Walking the Path members. Beginners are especially encouraged to attend the morning sessions when more meditation instruction is offered.

There will be a pot-luck community meal at 12:30; please bring a food dish to share.

Everyone is welcome. Chairs are provided. Bring a cushion if you prefer to sit on the floor.

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