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Three Noble Qualities: Wisdom, Ethical Conduct, Mental Discipline
A Daylong Study, Reflection and Practice Retreat

With Sharon Allen

The Fourth Noble Truth describes The Noble Eightfold Path, giving us reliable guidelines for freeing ourselves of the causes of suffering. This daylong study, reflection and practice retreat will look through the lens of the three divisions of the path—Wisdom (Panna), Ethical Conduct (Sila) and Mental Discipline (Samādhi)—to provide an integrated framework for awakening to The Noble Eightfold Path in daily life.

Whether you are new to the study of The Noble Eightfold Path or have years of experience exploring this profound teaching, the structure of the day will provide a way to develop new understanding of it through the noble qualities the path engenders. There will be an introduction to each of the three qualities including printed materials, silent sitting and walking practices to deepen integration of the teachings, personal journaling, and optional group sharing.

The day will be structured as follows to provide time for each of these noble qualities:

9:30 AM         Introduction to the retreat day – Wisdom
12:30               Potluck lunch
1:30 PM          Ethical Conduct
3:00 PM         Mental Discipline
5:00 PM         Retreat ends

If you are unable to attend the whole retreat day, please come at one of the times designated for the beginning of a specified topic. Attending the entire day will provide the most comprehensive understanding and integration of this material.

What to bring:

  • Personal journal or notebook, writing pen.
  • Meditation cushion and pad if you wish to sit on the floor.
  • Appropriate shoes and clothing for walking outside.
  • Food to share for the potluck lunch

Everyone is welcome. Chairs are provided. Bring a cushion or mat if you prefer to sit on the floor. The floor is not carpeted.

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