Speaker Series: Ethics, Action, and the Five Precepts

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This series will explore virtue as the indispensable foundation of Buddhist practice. The series is structured according to the five training precepts. These precepts are not rules to be obediently followed; they serve as guidelines for the intentional development of compassion, mindfulness, and wisdom. These five precepts offer us a joyful method to cultivate the heart, nurture harmony in our relationships, and free the mind from inner forces of greed and anger that if unrestrained might cause suffering for ourselves and others.

July 21 — Path of Virtue—with Shaila Catherine
July 28 — Precept #1: Refraining from Killing—with Shaila Catherine
August 4 — Precept #2: Refraining from Stealing—with Tony Bernhard
August 11 — Precept #3: Refraining from Sexual Misconduct—with Sharon Allen
August 18 — Precept #4: Refraining from False Speech—with Steve Gasner
August 25 — Precept #5: Refraining from Intoxication—with Jason Murphy

Everyone is welcome. Chairs are provided. Bring a cushion if you prefer to sit on the floor.

IMSB relies upon the generosity of participants to support our teachers and cover organizational expenses. Dana is a word in the ancient Pali language that describes donations, offerings and generosity. Two bowls will be available at an event to practice dana for the teacher and IMSB; we encourage you to give joyfully and generously, according to your resources and means. IMSB is a 501(c) (3) organization. All donations are tax deductible as permitted by law.

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