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Concentration, Jhana, and Breath: 10-night Retreat in Georgia

Ignatius House 6700 Riverside Drive NW, Atlanta

This retreat is open for registration. We currently have 17 participants registered, and can accept up to 4 more participants. This will be a very special retreat—a rare opportunity to practice with seclusion and intimacy. Please review the preventative measures taken by the center, and read our new guidelines: Guidelines for Retreat Practice in the Covid-19 Era Teachings on [...]

Tuesday Online: Bridget Rolens—Receiving Unskillful Speech


Tuesday Online: Receiving Unskillful Speech with Bridget Rolens September 1, 2020 The Buddha emphasized the importance of speaking wisely as part of the path to attaining liberation from suffering.  He also emphasized the importance of being able to be on the receiving end of speech that is false, harmful, poorly timed and harsh, without reacting with [...]