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Untangling Self

A practical inquiry into who we think we are.

A course led by Shaila Catherine and Sharon Allen

Thursdays June 28 – August 9, 2018
There will be no meeting on July 5 due to Independence Day holidays.

In this 6-week, teacher-led book group, we will contemplate Untangling Self by Andrew Olendzki—an intriguing new book that explores how the teachings of not-self can be understood, appreciated, and realized through contemporary Buddhist practice.

The author is a Pali Scholar, vipassana practitioner, and longtime member of the Institute for Meditation and Psychotherapy. He has served as executive director of the Insight Meditation Society and Barre Center for Buddhist Studies and led the Mapping the Mind project for the Mind & Life Institute. Untangling Self is pervaded by his practical knowledge of the Discourses of the Buddha, Abhidhamma psychology, and countless encounters with contemporary meditators. Each chapter draws on important Buddhist concepts and doctrines that are critical for comprehending how the sense of self is constructed and functions.

The course will be led by IMSB’s teachers Shaila Catherine and Sharon Allen, both of whom have studied directly with Andrew Olendzki and are very familiar with these topics. Guided meditations and discussion of the reading assignments will be augmented by teachings or teacher-led exercises. Students are expected to read one chapter per week (10 – 20 pages) to prepare for the in-class discussion.

Required Reading: Untangling Self, by Andrew Olendzki, Published by Wisdom Publications, ISBN: 978-1-61429-300-2

The paperback version of the book will be available for purchase at IMSB events during the two months prior to the course. Alternatively, you can purchase a copy from a bookstore or online bookseller.

  • Week 1 – Understanding the Buddha
  • Week 2 – Mindfulness and Meditation and Non-self
  • Week 3 – Understanding Ourselves
  • Week 4 – The Interdependence of Experience
  • Week 5 – Healing or Harming?
  • Week 6 – Rethinking Buddhism

WHO SHOULD JOIN: Some previous experience with meditation is expected. The topic and concepts are profound, but presented in clear and easily comprehensible language.

COURSE LEVELS: This course is designed as a level 2 course. Click this link for a key to course level designations.

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