Course: Mindfulness Meditation

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A six-week course taught by Shaila Catherine, Janetti Marotta, and Aishin Leonard.

A liberating practice for body and mind.

Thursdays, October 17 – December 5, 2019
7:15 pm to 9:00 pm
Silence begins at 7:00.
Arrive early (around 7:00) to enjoy the optional pre-class meditation period.

Living with mindful awareness grounds us in the present moment. In this course, you’ll learn principles of mindfulness and discover how to remain mindful with both pleasant and unpleasant experiences, leading to increased mental clarity, calm and ease.

This six-week course will focus on understanding and practicing mindfulness meditation practices, drawing on the ancient teachings of the Buddha that can be easily integrated into daily life.

Class content and practice skills will include:

  • Week 1: October 17: Why Meditate: The Power of Mindfulness with Breathing, with Shaila Catherine
  • Week 2: October 24: Cultivating Presence: Mindfulness of the Body, with Shaila Catherine
  • No Class October 31: Cancelled for Halloween Holiday.
  • Week 3: November 7: Settling the Restless Mind: Mindfulness of Thoughts, with Janetti Marotta
  • Week 4: November 14: Emotional Presence: Mindfulness of Mental States, with Aishin Leonard
  • Week 5: November 21: Impermanence and the Five Senses: Sights, Sounds, Tastes, and Odors, with Shaila Catherine
  • No Class November 28: Cancelled for Thanksgiving Holiday.
  • Week 6: December 5: Remember to Remember: Mindfulness of Speech, Action, and Practice Tips for Establishing a Daily Practice, with Janetti Marotta

Class format will include:

  • Meditation instruction, with both guided and unguided meditation practice time
  • Teachings on a mindfulness theme
  • Written and experiential exercises and homework
  • Group discussion, Q&A

Visit our Teacher Page for teacher biographies and photographs of our guest teachers.

WHO SHOULD JOIN: This course is open to all practitioners.

COURSE LEVELS: It is designed as a level 1 course. Click this link for a key to course level designations.
This foundational Level 1 class is appropriate for those new to meditation as well as those wanting a refresher in establishing a mindfulness meditation practice.

Visit our Teacher Page for teacher biographies and photographs.

REGISTRATION: Registration is required for this course. Registration fees are non-refundable. To register, select an option under the Tickets heading at the bottom of this page. (If you are viewing this page more than two months in advance of the course, the Tickets heading might not yet appear, so please check again later.) To register for a course, you purchase one ticket, which registers you for the entire class series. You only need to register once; you do not need to register separately for each class session.

Course Fee: The sliding scale fee range is from $360 to $90 and will be shared between IMSB and the teacher(s). The lower end of the sliding scale is intended for those with limited financial means. The low rate of $90 is estimated to cover the most basic costs such as rent and insurance for the specific class period. This base rate does not factor in compensation for teachers or ongoing administrative expenses for IMSB. If you pay at the mid to high range of the sliding scale, your generosity supports those with limited income in attending our programs and also supports IMSB and the teachers, enabling the dhamma to thrive in the South Bay area. We encourage you to choose the highest level that is appropriate for your economic situation.

Scholarship Assistance: A scholarship rate of $45 is offered for those with very limited financial means. If you need additional assistance, or if you would like to volunteer to help out, please inquire with the registrar by contacting ThursdayClass.

Tax Deductions: The basic registration fee is not tax deductible. Donations above the base rate will be considered voluntary contributions and are deductible for any amount that is over the base rate. Each January, the IMSB treasurer sends donors letters that acknowledge the amount given for the previous year that is above the basic rate; this serves as documentation for tax deduction purposes.

Cancellation Policy: All fees and payments are non-refundable. If it becomes necessary to cancel participation in a course, and the registrar is notified prior to the start of the first class meeting, your registration fee will be converted into a voucher creditable towards the fee for a future IMSB Thursday class. Vouchers must be used within one year of the initial course start date, and may be transferred to only one future course. Cancellations that occur after the start of the first class are not eligible for the voucher credit.

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