We can all take great satisfaction in our sangha’s generous response to the 2014 year-end appeal. We raised $27,254, up 39% over the total for 2013. Almost 60 donors participated, up from about 40 the year before.

Historically, year-end donations have covered about half of IMSB’s operating budget each year. This past year’s gifts will provide a secure financial footing for IMSB as we expand our programming in 2015. Of course, we also rely on donations offered throughout the year at IMSB events, by mail, and online.

An increasing number of sangha members are making regular monthly donations for our Building Fund, general support, and/or teacher support. You can place donations in the dana bowls at any IMSB event or you can donate by mailing a check to:

PO Box 490
Menlo Park, CA 94026.

To donate via Network for Good or PayPal, just click the Donate Now button on the IMSB website. Gifts in any amount are deeply appreciated.

If you have any questions about our finances, or about IMSB donations, please feel free to contact our treasurer, Ed Haertel, at treasurerAddress_at_imsb.