IMSB Top Volunteer Needs

Winter 2018

Publicity Coordinator

Ensures the following are done on a regular basis, and for special events as needed*:

  • Weekly email digest, special emails
  • Calendar updates
  • Meet-Up events, Facebook postings
  • Latest News posts
  • Flyer creation and copying
  • Online postings of speaker series, classes, special events

* Content provided by others

Special Event Coordinator

Work with primary teacher to plan and manage logistics for occasional special events, such as author or special teacher events.  Author events this year are scheduled for April 10 and June 5.

Web Maintenance

Update IMSB website with provided content, as needed:  Calendar, Latest News, add/update pages, open/close course registrations.

Set-Up/Close Helpers for Day-Longs in Saratoga, Los Altos

Extra help needed to arrive 45 minutes before the start of the day long in Saratoga for set-up and stay 20-30 minutes at the end to clean-up and close.

Publicity Assistant for Saratoga

Enter Saratoga class information* on several websites two-to-three weeks before new classes begin. (*Content provided by others.)  Guidelines and training provided.

Saratoga Event Manager

Learn all the steps for set-up, close and teacher support for Saratoga classes. Includes facility requirements and security.

Social Event Coordinator

Assist Social Event Coordinator in planning, organizing and publicizing quarterly social events for sangha members.

Administrative Assistant

Assist teacher and other administrative volunteers with various ongoing tasks such as Google Drive administration, spreadsheet and membership database maintenance, flyer creation.

To find out more about these opportunities, please contact Kristi Iverson at volunteer.